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IDK (Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge) is an innovator with few equals. The Maryland-raised

rapper and producer subverted genre tropes with his 2015 debut project SubTrap, a nuanced and inventive exploration of the intersection of drug dealing and addiction.


Since then, he’s continued to make unprecedented moves both in and outside of the studio.

After becoming the first artist to premiere an album with

Forbes (2016’s money-minded Empty Bank), he partnered with Adult Swim to release 

2017’s IWasVeryBad, which featured everyone from DOOM to Chief Keef.

Is He Real, IDK’s forthcoming major label debut, is an ascent to another creative plateau.

Released jointly via Warner Bros. Records and IDK’s new label Clue,

Is He Real features rapping, singing, and production from the Prince George’s County native that’s unlike any he’s done before.


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